Mutou Yugi (w/ Yami) (puzzlemasters) wrote in theafterlife_rp,
Mutou Yugi (w/ Yami)

It happened so suddenly, without warning . . .

Yami shook his head in disbelief.   First Anzu, then Ryou . . . and now /this/.  Isis and Hathor, what do I do?


. . . For that matter, what . . . what happened?  He sighed.  All right, take stock.  Aibou was running an errand for Grandpa, happened to pass the cemetary . . . all right, so he did not quite /happen/ to go that way.  Gods, I /knew/ I should have talked him out of it!  We were at Anzu's grave for some time before the snow began falling again.  I wish this country's winter weather could make up its infernal mind - rain, snow, pick one! *meh*


. . . Rain is what killed Ryou . . .


Oh, for the love of Ra, you!  Stay focused!  Now then . . . Aibou was walking home, thought he might cheer himself by taking a shortcut.  The route is not without its danger, but we've gone that way hundreds of times - but there was ice, and Aibou's hands were cold, stiff with chill.  He missed the ledge . . . Dear gods . . .


Yami buried his face in his hands for a moment before forcing himself to turn and accept reality.  He looked down at the body, with the spreading pool of red from under thick black locks, tears filling his eyes.  Ammit take it!! I wasn't fast enough. Had I reacted a second sooner, taken over /before/ he . . . No, he can't be dead. Maybe . . . maybe there's still time. Honda lives around here, doesn't he? If I . . . but he can't see or hear me. I dare not risk possessing and moving Aibou's body. Ah! Honda can't see me, but Johji's still young enough. Children can see ghosts. And animals. Honda's dog Blankey. Yes . . . yes, this can still work. He started away, but when he got about 10 feet from the body, he stopped abruptly as though he were wearing a harness and just reached the end of a leash. Wh-what the . . . ?? He turned at a groan behind him.

Yuugi sat up - or his Astral self did, the body remaining in place. "Ugh . . . wh-what . . . happened . . . ?"  Soul-Yuugi wore a representation of the Millennium Puzzle, just as Yami did, but the physical artifact that the body should have been wearing . . . was gone.

Yami rushed back as Yuugi pulled himself to his feet and started to turn around, grabbing him by the shoulders.  "NO! Aibou, don't . . . don't look."

Both startled as they realized that Yami "physically" had a hold of Yuugi, which was not possible outside of their soul rooms.  Or not supposed to be - ??  Yuugi looked at the hands on his shoulders, hyper-aware of their weight, the pressure of the fingers digging into him from the equal shock of their owners, then stared up at his long-time friend and partner in the struggles they had lived through together, his eyes wide with surprise - even alarm.  "Y-yami . . . ??"


((OOC - I'm a little confused. Does this rp occur in the place reached /after/ the chara(s) catch the train or is this for those who /miss/ the train and have to wait 13 months for a second ticket?  Sorry.  *sheepish*))

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