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Thief in spirit, dreamer in soul.

Log: Both Bakuras and a start.

Characters: Yami no Bakura (spiritual_thief), Bakura Ryou (inyourshadow__x)
Setting: Random room where YnBakura happened to be dwelling while drunk.
Summary: The Bakuras - should you chose to call them that - meet up with each other and, for the first time in both of their experiences, interact.
Rating: Would say G. Then again, I rate everything as a G o_O


He knew something was wrong with him. His mind wasn't working quite right, and he wasn't sure how if he wanted to use it anymore. Taking a look at the empty bottles laying at his side, he couldn't bring his mind to count just how many he'd had.

It wasn't the amount that mattered, anyway; he's arrived at the afterlife, after all. Even without testing he could tell the the rules at this place happened to be quite similiar to the ones in the Shadow Realm - what you will, what you get.

Bakura just wanted to stay drunk for a while. He has a feeling there's something else he should be doing, especially with the other something coming closer, but now? Now all he could do was stare into empty space.


Ryou still wasn't sure what he was doing.

He'd discovered where his yami had ended up in the afterlife and was going there, although something in his mind kept asking him why. He didn't know. But he continued walking, continued wondering what would happen, and eventually came to the place. Ryou slowly opened the door.


In the back of his mind, Bakura registered a sound of opening doors and footsteps. The problem was, he couldn't bring himself to care. There wasn't anything to be afraid of anyway, seeing as he's long dead, this is the afterlife, and he's no threat to anyone here, therefore no one should be a threat to him.

Okay, maybe that's not quite logical. But honestly, Bakura didn't care anymore. His mind wasn't working well right now...


Ryou, getting no response, entered the dark room. After a few moments of letting his eyes adjust and moving around objects, he saw the contrast of familiar white hair against the darkness. He saw the bottles around the figure and gulped, moving a bit closer. "Yami? Is... is that you?" Ryou reached out his pale, thin hand just inches from him, still not able to see clearly in the dim light of the room.


Bakura officially noticed that someone is in fact around him, talking to him, and too close for the other's own good. Well, not that Bakura's in a state to be hurting anyone, but saying that would mean he wasn't insane yet.

Worse still, the person had called him 'yami'. Only one person in the world has ever called him that. And really, only one person had said that he'd be trying to find the thousand-year-old spirit.

Bakura half-groaned as he opened his eyes to look (glare, couldn't manage, dear gods) at the person in front of him. Yami; the opposite would be hikari. His hikari.

A hand was close to him; inches away. Bakura did the only thing that made sense to him - swap it away.


Ryou withdrew his arm as he looked upon his yami, half scared and half worried. He was silent for a moment; he thought he might say something, but when he didn't, he opened his mouth to speak. "Are you okay...?" He finally asked, trying not to sound as nervous as he was.


Okay, definitely him. Bakura Ryou, anyway. He's always hated the fact that they shared names - it got confusing, and sometimes damn the Japanese and their first-name-calling traditions; sometimes, he almost thought that people were addressing him.

"Of course I'm alright. What does it look like? I'm dead-" check, been dead for three thousand years, "-safely in the afterlife, and happily unaware of my own thoughts."


Ryou looked at the floor; now that he had the chance to talk to his other, he didn't know what to say to him. "Oh..." was all he could say, and he eyed the bottles again.



Bakura was never patient, and watching someone watching him - strike that, it didn't make sense. Looking at a person watching him - yeah, probably makes more sense - was getting on his nerves.

"You wanted to see me? For what?"

When Bakura finally spoke to him, Ryou's eyes snapped back to the figure in front of him. Why had he wanted to see his yami? It had kind of been from a feeling; something had told him he should see him, and he sort of wanted to. He hadn't found his mother or sister yet, so he was really the only other person he knew. Other than Anzu, of course, but she was different.

"I just wanted to make sure you were alright..." Yes, that answer would work.


"And you thought I wouldn't be alright?"

Something clicked. Bakura decided that now really wasn't the time to lie around and act lazy - he had things to do. He's been resting for a while now, and his spirit has it's full energy, just waiting for him to use it.

Pulling at his own mind, he willed it to return to normal. He need it right now, with people actually around him and that something still coming closer. Plus, his hikari could still be of use - for what he didn't know, but having his tools close to him was something Bakura has always been used to.

"Gah. Of course I'm alright."


Ryou noticed the change in Bakura to his normal demeanor, and looked once again at the floor. He had something to say, yet wasn't sure if he should. But after a moment he came to his senses; better now then never. And there was a chance he wouldn't have much longer to speak to him.

"Yami, I'm sorry," he said weakly, "... sorry for what was done to you." He sighed. "I know I shouldn't apologize, but..."


"Pssst, yeah," really, did the other really think he would believe him? Not that it mattered to anyone, but still; it hurts having such a dense person sharing part of your soul, "sorry? Just keep you to yourself and it'd be enough."

Picking himself up from the ground, Bakura took his first good look at the other. Ryou looked pretty much the same, except for slight differences such as his hair (it's gone slightly longer, and no longer quite so tidy - as far as Bakura can tell) and his expression seems to have hardened a little.


As Bakura looked upon Ryou, he took that chance as well - he had never really seen his yami, for the spirit had always kept to his own soulroom and never went into spirit form around him like Yuugi's yami did. He was surprised by how much he resembled him, save for the cold, glaring look in his eyes and the different shape his hair took. Neither of them said anything for a long moment, and Ryou realized that no matter how much he apologized, the spirit would never believe him.


Bakura tried to fight off the awkward silence around them, but unlike his own problems, such things could only be willed away if both participants worked together for it. Yet Thief King Bakura - the one and only - had always worked alone. Working alone meant less trouble, and he had needed to bring down the chance of others slowing him down to a minimum.

The first time he actually has to face his hikari and speak to the other, he honestly didn't know how he should react; in fact, Bakura believes himself to have done a rather decent job already, considering all the things in his mind.

"One of your friend's dead, did you know?"

First attempt at conversation - talking about someone's death.


Ryou nodded. "Anzu? Yes, I did..." He figured this is how Bakura would want to start a conversation, but he didn't seem to be as bothered by it as he would if he were alive. They were talking, at least, and that was good enough for now.


The girl? Just hearing her name could bring multiple headaches into Bakura's mind. "No, not that one-" he paused. Well, that one is dead as well... "-Other one. The brat. Can feel his soul." He spat out the words more than said it, but it was the best he could handle for now. Damn Ra and its whole obsession with souls.


Ryou's eyes widened. "Y-yuugi? He's...?" Ryou didn't even bother finishing his sentence, staring at Bakura in disbelief. "No... how did you find that out?" Ryou loosened, standing in front of his other almost helplessly. Yuugi didn't deserve to die...


Bakura smirked. Really, he'd just figured it out while he said it, but now that Ryou was stuttering over it, Bakura finally realized just how interesting it would be getting. The problem would be having to share eternity with that damn pharaoh, but at least Bakura had one advantage - he's been around the dead long enough to know things.

"You get the signs. At least, I do - unless you plan on learning Shadow Magic soon?"

Saying that, Bakura couldn't help but let his lips curl up into a smile. Imagine his perfect sweet little (not perfect, definitely twisted, young but dead) hikari using Shadow Magic. Quite a sight, indeed.


Hearing those words a flicker of interest shot behind Ryou's eyes, but he quickly disregarded it and shook his head. Feeling a deep sense of loss - which didn't quite make sense, because he would actually be seeing Yuugi again now - Ryou looked back at the floor. It was like usual, people close to him dying, with nothing he could do about it.


But while Ryou lowered his head into his own thoughts, Bakura's thoughts focused on the idea of Shadow Magic. The small spark of interest in Ryou's eyes did not escape the thief, though it did surprise him a little. He hadn't really expected his previous host to twist as much, yet...Wasn't that his original plan?

The thief managed another smile. The basics of Shadow Magic doesn't require much...except grave concentration for beginners, of course. And including the fact that they were at the afterlife, it could be quite likely that things wouldn't get quite as bloody as it did among the living. Or, he could always hope that his hikari would be too into things to pull out then.

That is, if he agreed.

"So." As sneaky a start as Bakura could manage, "You plan on learning Shadow Magic?"

Teaching could be fun. And the results could be even more surprising. He has too much time here, anyway - might as well find something to do while spending his soul away.


Ryou looked up, realizing that his yami had caught him. He wondered why the prospect of being able to use Shadow Magic interested him; he was supposed to be the hikari, the pure one. But the more he thought about it, the more interested he became. He looked back up and saw the smile on Bakura's face. He didn't say anything, though by now it was kind of apparent.


Bakura felt another growl at his throat. He didn't remember his host (previous host, whatever) to be this damn quiet while he should be speaking, but dear Ra, this is getting quite irritating.

"I'd take that as a yes, then?" he managed to say while pushing down the urge to pull out a dagger and point it at someone's throat. Even if a little blood sounded good.



Ryou looked at his yami and nodded slowly - there, that ended that -, noticing that he was getting annoyed. He thought about the prospect of having his yami teaching him and wondered vaguely what would happen; the king of thieves himself teaching Ryou how to use the very thing that had tormented not only himself, but his friends on countless occasions.

"You'd do that...?"


Okay. His sweet little - he really should be putting a stop to those adjectives. It's not like any of them was true, anyway - hikari really happened to be quite dense. Bakura just hoped the same wouldn't go for other genres.

"Why else would I be asking you?"

At least the timid spirit managed to nod his head. Still, Bakura felt there was a lack of thought in there. He needed true motivation if he ever hoped to learn something like this.

"Think about it. If you still want to learn after the clock-" Bakura couldn't tell why dead people would need clocks, though perhaps it was to follow the living's time, "-turns two circles," that would be twenty-four hours, "then come back to me. Otherwise, don't bother."

What he didn't say was that Bakura would probably be luring Ryou's mind towards the answer 'yes'. And the fact that even if Ryou said no, Bakura would still find other uses for the shy quiet - gah, stopping those descriptions.

Bakura was determined on finding something to do in his afterlife. He really wasn't someone who lets his life (even an 'after' one) go waste.


Ryou nodded again, assuming this was his cue to leave. To tell the truth, he'd already made up his mind, but he then decided that he should give it a second thought before he voiced his decision. The teen turned to leave and was almost to the door before he looked back.

"Thank you," he said quietly, and gave a small smile to Bakura.


Hearing that, the thief wanted to bark back something, but couldn't think of something witty enough - or short enough - to shout out. Instead, he went back to thinking to himself.

The basics of Shadow Magic. And he had felt a tug in the Millennium Ring - his host had one too, which one's real? - that must have meant something, but right now, he needed some rest.

Perhaps this is what they call a hangover.
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