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Death is but the next great adventure.
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Below are the 16 most recent journal entries recorded in The Afterlife - A Multifandom RPG's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006
5:18 pm
As ironic as it is Should we try to bring this Commity back to life?
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
2:40 am
OOC Postu - Clearing Things Up
o.o Okaay … -breathes.-

><; I get so nervous whenever I first join new role-plays. And I’m already uneasy as it is to just out right ask people to role-play with me.


n_n I’m Mariko-mun. :3 Needless to say, I play as Mariko. Some of you may know her … -hope.- Most probably don’t.

So, yes, I’m mostly here to let everyone know that this is the journal I’ll be using for her. Not the_dying_swan. Which is my out-of-character journal.

x.x I get mixed up with that. ; ; So, sorry to everyone and the moderator ~ !


n_n I love role-play. Very much so. >>; I’m just really shy about asking people to play with me. -.o After a couple times of role-playing with a person, usually … I’m just fine and I can ask ’em. So .. Yeah. I’m almost always in the mood to so, I figured, in case anyone might -hope hope.- be interested. I’d post my messenger names where I can be reached at.

AIM Loup Qui Sourit
Y!M wine_over_roses
MSN the_shadow_of_another@hotmail.com

:3 That’s about it.

… Oh! >>; And while in advance, I sort of feel the need to apologize for Mariko’s behavior. -.o She’s a cute little disabled girl, but she’s very hateful … >>; she likes her blood and psychotic killing-goodness. And she’s a mean little brat. … o.o I’m not used to playing characters like that at all so, squee~ something new. … >>; I’m just saying like sorry and stuff, so no one gets the two of us mixed up … o.o I’m not mean. ><; Mariko might bite j00, but her -mun would quicker squeak and hide than bite … xD;

>>; I’m done wasting space now.

n_n Thanks for your time!

Ja matte ne ! n.n


There was a couple of you who added my OOC-Journal. n_n So, I went in and added you back with this one. -nodu.-

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
4:09 pm
OOC! Understanding Kurama
Hello! Okay I'm just posting this here so that people will have a more clear idea of how I role Play Kurama in this Rp. I have it where Youko Kurama and Shuuichi Minamino are one being- Hence His Long Red hair, Silver fox ears, and golden green eyes. You will also be able to tell who is in more control at the moment by the color of his eyes. Gold= Youko, Green=Shuuchi or Kurama to make it easier. I also have a Msn mess. by the name of bishie_hotel@hotmail.com
See ya!
6:19 pm
Log: Bakura, Kurama, and a rather twisted trade.
Characters: Yami no Bakura (spiritual_thief), Youko Kurama (kitsunenoyoukai)
Setting: Bare building in which YnBakura chose to inhabit.
Summary: A trade, people get things, everyone has fun.
Rating: PG

Some fun. Honestly. Just some fun.Collapse )
Friday, February 17th, 2006
9:45 pm
OOC Post - Vacation
I'm going to be heading to New York City on Monday, February 20th. I will be staying until Saturday, February 26th. During that time I will have very little internet access.

Therefore, from tomorrow, Saturday, February 18th until Sunday, February 27th, I will not be posting, replying, or generally participating much, if at all.

Thank you.

Sunday, February 12th, 2006
1:16 pm
Death can really suck...
Great....Like my life-or whatever I have now can be any worse? Being the son of a freaking clown was bad enough but killed by some goons who wore dresses just adds to my resume. Ch. How many times did I have to tell them that I don't believe in their freaking god for them to let me go? I would of guessed over a thousand times, each time resulting in a cut. I guess Ironically I did get my wish- Pausing in my ranting I noticed that I still had the ritual marks engraved upon my arms and chest-There is no doubt that my face holds the same triangular scars. Damn....
3:32 am
Log: Both Bakuras and a start.
Characters: Yami no Bakura (spiritual_thief), Bakura Ryou (inyourshadow__x)
Setting: Random room where YnBakura happened to be dwelling while drunk.
Summary: The Bakuras - should you chose to call them that - meet up with each other and, for the first time in both of their experiences, interact.
Rating: Would say G. Then again, I rate everything as a G o_O

Hope I did everything right...Collapse )
Friday, February 10th, 2006
3:26 pm
Log: Hiei and Naruto.
Who: Hiei and Naruto.
What: They visit the Hall of Mirrors. And talk. And look in the mirrors.
Where: Hall of Mirrors.
Mood: Regretful, vague amusement.
Warning: None.

'Yes, dying is perfectly fine with me, especially when I expected to go somewhere else.'Collapse )
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
1:17 pm
"S-so . . . I'm dead . . . "

((OOC: This gets the boys on the train and under way.  It's also meant to start an idea I have on how their Puzzle(s) and Deck(s) will operate - as well as introduce an idea that people may or may not want to play with.  More at the end.))

Kinda long, so I'm cutting for brevity on people's Friends pages.Collapse )

((I thought adding a possibility for some danger and conflict might be interesting, that there are other supernatural forces in the afterlife that could come by on occasion to threaten and make life . . . erm, loosely speaking, interesting for the characters.  If no one else wants to go with it, that's fine, too.  But it was a thought. ^__^))

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
12:59 pm
Monday, February 6th, 2006
1:28 am

((OOC: This has been backdated to appear before the death-post.  Thought I should go back and establish a few things.  ^__^))

In the silvered darkness, Yami sat in the folding chair, one arm propped on the desk as he gazed out the window in the slanted roof-wall of his aibou's bedroom.  He had reclined thus so many times . . . though perhaps not more often than he had in recent weeks . . .

Had it been a month-and-a-half already since they had gotten back from Egypt?  Heh, had it only been so long?  The days had flown and yet, looking back, it might as well have been an eternity in the past.  A sigh of quiet grief escaped him.  No . . . it was eternity that has been denied me . . . again.  He looked at the figure asleep in the bed next to him.  It was not Yuugi's fault.  Had Yami not had Waboku on the field there at the last, the combat would have been Yuugi's after he had denied Yami the ability to play "Monster Reborn."  On Yami's next draw, he got Pot of Greed, which then gave him "Dian Keto" and "Call of the Haunted."  Osirus returned one final time after all . . . and it was over.

And what now?

He had his name back, his memories, his true sense of self . . . but where did he go from here?  Nowhere, apparently.  The Puzzle still imprisoned his soul, still bound him to the Prime Material Realm.  He had even decided not to go by his true name.  That was the name of a past existence, no longer his.  He would remain "Yami," at least for as long as he remained earthbound.  He didn't mind so much, really, as it meant that he could remain with his friends - though it also meant that he would watch them grow old and pass on, while he remained unchanged.

Or else - die senselessly . . . Gods of my fathers, have mercy.

It had been a month since Anzu's death.  Yuugi was only just showing signs of beginning to heal from that loss, his tender heart torn asunder by that first major, irrevocable parting in their tightknit company of friends.

And then, just today . . . gentle Ryou . . .

Yami folded over in grief, face buried in his hands as spectral tears flows down his cheeks.  Mighty Osiris, whose is the name that next appears in the Book of Duat?  Who next will Anubis and Thot judge and send on the solar barges across the sea to the paradise islands of Aaru?  Who next are we -

. . . am I . . . to lose?

In his sleep, Yuugi shifted restlessly, his own face wet with weeping.

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
7:45 pm
It happened so suddenly, without warning . . .

Yami shook his head in disbelief.   First Anzu, then Ryou . . . and now /this/.  Isis and Hathor, what do I do?


. . . For that matter, what . . . what happened?  He sighed.  All right, take stock.  Aibou was running an errand for Grandpa, happened to pass the cemetary . . . all right, so he did not quite /happen/ to go that way.  Gods, I /knew/ I should have talked him out of it!  We were at Anzu's grave for some time before the snow began falling again.  I wish this country's winter weather could make up its infernal mind - rain, snow, pick one! *meh*


. . . Rain is what killed Ryou . . .


Oh, for the love of Ra, you!  Stay focused!  Now then . . . Aibou was walking home, thought he might cheer himself by taking a shortcut.  The route is not without its danger, but we've gone that way hundreds of times - but there was ice, and Aibou's hands were cold, stiff with chill.  He missed the ledge . . . Dear gods . . .


Yami buried his face in his hands for a moment before forcing himself to turn and accept reality.  He looked down at the body, with the spreading pool of red from under thick black locks, tears filling his eyes.  Ammit take it!! I wasn't fast enough. Had I reacted a second sooner, taken over /before/ he . . . No, he can't be dead. Maybe . . . maybe there's still time. Honda lives around here, doesn't he? If I . . . but he can't see or hear me. I dare not risk possessing and moving Aibou's body. Ah! Honda can't see me, but Johji's still young enough. Children can see ghosts. And animals. Honda's dog Blankey. Yes . . . yes, this can still work. He started away, but when he got about 10 feet from the body, he stopped abruptly as though he were wearing a harness and just reached the end of a leash. Wh-what the . . . ?? He turned at a groan behind him.

Yuugi sat up - or his Astral self did, the body remaining in place. "Ugh . . . wh-what . . . happened . . . ?"  Soul-Yuugi wore a representation of the Millennium Puzzle, just as Yami did, but the physical artifact that the body should have been wearing . . . was gone.

Yami rushed back as Yuugi pulled himself to his feet and started to turn around, grabbing him by the shoulders.  "NO! Aibou, don't . . . don't look."

Both startled as they realized that Yami "physically" had a hold of Yuugi, which was not possible outside of their soul rooms.  Or not supposed to be - ??  Yuugi looked at the hands on his shoulders, hyper-aware of their weight, the pressure of the fingers digging into him from the equal shock of their owners, then stared up at his long-time friend and partner in the struggles they had lived through together, his eyes wide with surprise - even alarm.  "Y-yami . . . ??"


((OOC - I'm a little confused. Does this rp occur in the place reached /after/ the chara(s) catch the train or is this for those who /miss/ the train and have to wait 13 months for a second ticket?  Sorry.  *sheepish*))

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
5:55 pm
Journal switch.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but please remove kirasenpai.

Add this journal instead.

The reason for the switch? Simply, I noticed that this journal still had some paid time on it and felt that it would be a shame to let the extra icons go to waste.

Current Mood: calm
4:11 pm
Hey! I've got a quick question....

In the anime, there's a nine-tailed demon fox--kyuubi no kitsune--sealed inside Naruto's body. When he died, what happened to it? Was it released upon the world, or did it die with him? And if so, his body was supposed to be a vessel for it, but that body is now nonexistant. Is the Kyuubi dead and in Naruto's spirit-body-thing, or is it roaming the Afterlife, or is it using Naruto's body in the living world, now that Naruto's gone?

Or is it up to me?

Just wanted to clear this up. ^^;
Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
3:28 pm
Apply here!

Instant Messenger:

Cause of Death:
Sample Journal Entry/RP:
3:16 pm
Further FAQ and Game Information!
What happens if a baby dies by itself?
All babies and small children are given escorts (usually angels) to take them on the train and take care of them until a suitable set of adoptive parents can be found on the other side for the remainder of their thirteen months.

Do ghosts exist?
Yes. Ghosts are souls who miss the train. If you are violently murdered, commit suicide with regret, or are not properly laid to rest, you may arrive too late to get on the train. If you miss the train, you are stuck on the human plane as a soul until you can be laid to rest. You will then be given another ticket, and another chance to get on the train. Babies and small children almost never miss the train by themselves.

What can dead people do and not do?
The dead can do almost anything that the living can do, except die, reproduce, and age. They can eat, drink, and sleep, but they do not have to.

Do zombies exist?
We'll be going with the Harry Potter zombies here, for the sake of ease - basically, they're called inferi among wizards, and are dead bodies with no soul. If your character's body becomes an inferi/zombie, then they go into a comatose state until the body is laid to rest once again. Anyone may become an inferi/zombie.

Fandom Specific FAQs

Harry Potter:

Does my character still have his/her powers?
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