Thief in spirit, dreamer in soul. (spiritual_thief) wrote in theafterlife_rp,
Thief in spirit, dreamer in soul.

Log: Bakura, Kurama, and a rather twisted trade.

Characters: Yami no Bakura (spiritual_thief), Youko Kurama (kitsunenoyoukai)
Setting: Bare building in which YnBakura chose to inhabit.
Summary: A trade, people get things, everyone has fun.
Rating: PG


Bakura - a thief with nothing to steal, that's not the point - walked inside the empty building (or empty room, since it's just one large bare room inside the building) wondering what kind of deal he's gotten himself into this time. He doesn't even who he's dealing with, though from the tone itself the spirit's pretty sure the person's not completely human. Hell, probably not at all human.

Well. It wouldn't be the first time he deals with such, anyway.

Continuing to wander around, he waited for what's coming to come; with a little help of guiding, of course. Bending thoughts is becoming a speciality.


Calming walking inside a nearby empty building Kurama took some time to plant some of his seeds around the building just in case this dealing with another theif turned sour and he needed an quick escape out. He died twice already and he wasn't ready to see if three times is the charm. Upon reaching the center of the room Kurama waited for his business partner to show up and for the trading to start.


"I would prefer," Bakura chose his words carefully, "if you don't spread your seeds around my house."

It depends on how you decifer what he just said, of course. If you chose to think clean...well, it was what the other rather...strange looking person had said; if you chose to think dirty - congratulations, you just exactly what a three-thousand old spirit wanted you to do.

"Well then, I believe you should still tell me a little about your 'seeds'-" another emphasis on the word, "-before anything else. How else would I know if dealing with you would be worth anything?"


Smiling Kurama turned around to face the person who had spoken and said calmly, "Sowing wild oats are my speciality. As well as many other plantlife. But that aside we came here for a trade deal and this is what I have to offer you for your teaching." Reaching into his bright Red hair he pulled out a couple of seeds and hold them tight in his palm.

"Now this is what I'm going to do- within my hands I hold the seeds of four different seeds that be use for many different reasons such as when you crush this seed," Shows a blue star shaped seed," You have a smokescreen that can last up to a half hour, and if you place this red seed in a cup of liquid you can put someone into a coma for an entire month."

"As for the green seed, you can use it as an battery so to say - to store your reikai, ningenkai ,Youkai, shadow magic whatever. And for this yellow seed if you place it on the tip of your tongue you would be able to pass through any barrier. I am willing to offer you these seeds as a gift to show you what might come if you are interested in teaching me your shadow magic."


"Those are rather..." the thief paused and decided that he couldn't find a better word, "...confusing. Though I would enjoy putting the pharaoh into a coma..."

Bakura decided to think it through. Teaching his host (fine, ex-host) would be entirely for his own amusement, and despite everything Bakura still trusts the young teen to a degree. But this person (at least half demon now, clearly so) in front of him he knows nothing of, and Bakura has had rather bad expierences with deals.

"The basics."

Okay, that wasn't exactly specific enough.

"Just the basics of Shadow Magic. The outline of what it is, which you got entirely wrong, and how to defend against simpler spells. Just enough to defend against the pharaoh if he wants to make you sleep, I suppose."

Bakura shrugged, "You choice. I don't lose anything either way."


Handing over the seeds to Bakura, Kurama shrugged and said," Very well then, I am always eager to learn new things. Now be careful with those seeds and don't get those directions mixed up for they can only be used as I said and I won't be hold responsible if you happen to lose your sanity for the decade or so."


Bakura smirked as he reached his hand and placed the...'seeds' (gods, he still finds this hilarous) into his palm: "Oh. I didn't realize I still have my sanity intact."

Reaching out to set a spell to turn anyone around away from this particular building, Bakura motioned for the other to sit down as he plopped down to the floor.

"Well. You asked who's capable of learning Shadow Magic, here's the answer: anyone with a soul. And since you're here, you obviously do. As long as you do, you'll be able to connect the mind with the body, or the living with death."

With that, he waited for the other to sit down, and, if the other has any, ask questions (which he would have to chose to answer or not).


Choosing to sit on his knees in a postion that would be easy to escape from Bakura, who he still did not fully trust, and nodded. "Now would this work if you so happen to have something, such as a dragon that eats your energy? Or if your own soul is combined with anothers?"


"So long as this 'dragon'-" damn, another Kaiba-copy with a dragon-obsession? He hoped not, "-doesn't eat your entire energy, you should be able to cast a spell. Though the strength of it would probably be weaker than normal..."

Well. Unless the dragon happens to be part of your soul, with the case of that pale-haired Blue Eyed White Dragon girl. But that would be information Bakura finds too much trouble to share.

"And with two souls, if the two doesn't fight against each other, it should be fine. And you've still got the most basic thing of Shadow Magic wrong - It's not just magic, with spell-casting and all that; it's a matter of will and mind-power, unless you chose to give it a form..."

But Bakura hadn't managed to call out his ka when he'd been in Ryou's body, and now that he's here he's too lazy to try. He doesn't miss that thing anyway.


Narrowing his now gold tinted eyes Kurama asked, " Are there ways to tell if you are being affected by shadow magic and if so what do I have to give you for you to include that and how to prevent it, in my teaching? You name an ailement and I have a plant that can cause it."


Well. Bakura was originally going to teach him that already, but if the other was offering more he would of course gladly accept.

"Of course there are ways...though there's always more ways to go even across that. Then it would come to a mental fight between the two."

Hmmmm...Though Bakura hasn't really wanted anything (other than beating the Ra-forsaken pharaoh, but he wanted to do that with only his own abilities), but he's always been one to have his own fun when he can.

"You don't happen to have anything to force a short affection on someone, do you? It would be...most amusing if you do. Just an hour or two would be enough."


Nowing bearing a full drawn out youko smile Kurama's eyes twinkled. " I have many seeds that can do the trick but how much affection do you want the person to show? I have a selection from puppy crush to full out bitch in heat."


Bitch in heat. Now that would be interesting, but to tell the truth - no, honestly, the absolute truth - Bakura has never had such a relationship and he was positive he wouldn't know how to handle it. Not that he would be admitting this in front of anyone.

"Just the milder kind, I don't want anyone to freak out too much."


Laughing Kurama once again reached into his hair and pulled out a pale purple seed. "Here you go, This ranks somewhere in between puppy crush and teen idol. Plus it has a refreshing lemon taste to it."


Bakura reached out his hand for the second time and took the seed, carefully placing it in one of his pockets.

"How does it work, though? You seems to have forgotten to explain."


"Simple you just place it in your Lover's *cough* victim's mouth perferably through kissing and let it run it's course-it should last two hours. Nothing more then slightly kinky thoughs should be the effects." Kurama said.

Then with his Silver fox ears twitching as he caught the barest flicker of Hiei's Youki, Kurama once agian smiled as Bakura, "talking about affections, I think I might have to take my leave. Maybe even have my own bout of fruity fun."


The thief shrugged slightly, "Sure, come by anytime and we can continue."

A kiss would be troublesome. Probably something simpler, if Bakura can think of anything. But another pupil - one which he knows nothing of - can be fun, and he could have some more fun once he caught someone to play with.

Things go 'round after all.

"Take your leave then."

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