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Death is but the next great adventure.

The Afterlife - A Multifandom RPG
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The Afterlife

"All aboard!"

You blink your eyes, confused, as you begin to come to. Wasn't there just a car right in front of you? The painfully bright lights have disappeared, and the blaring horn is but a whisper of an echo in your mind. People surround you, all heading past you - people of every level and social class, every race and age. A hand taps your shoulder, and you whip around in surprise.

"You there," says a weathered old man, removing his hand from your shoulder. "Are you coming or not?"

"Coming where?" you ask. What's going on?

"On the train, kid!" he says, gesturing to a large blue steam engine behind him. You didn't notice it before, and can't help but marvel at the size of the machine. It's huge!

The old man looks irritated. "Look, kid. We ain't got all day. Get on the train," he says, pushing you towards it. As you climb in, he takes something from your pocket. "Now that you're on, you can't go back." He shuts the door before you can say anything, and the train lurches forward as the whistle blows, beginning its long journey.

After walking for a while, you find an empty seat between two people. To your left is an old man in Japanese clothes, leaning forward on his cane. To your right is a very official looking woman holding a sleeping baby.

The Japanese man smiles at you and gives a polite nod. "Nice day to come here, isn't it?" he asks. "You know, it's a shame really, to see someone so young as you here... And that babe, there, as well. But me? I'm glad to finally have come. My wife came here almost twenty years ago, you know. It'll be good to see her again."

"Excuse me," you say. "But where is... 'here'?"

He smiles and stands, and as the train pulls to a stop, the woman stands and strides purposefully down the aisle towards the door. The Japanese man takes your arm and leads you off, shuffling slowly down the steps towards the ground. The conductor jumps from the train and shouts, "New arrivals!" The Japanese man pats your arm and pulls away.

"Welcome," he says, his voice suddenly blending in with the small crowd standing at the platform, "to the afterlife."


1. Be nice. :| It's not hard.
2. No godmodding! Just because you're dead doesn't mean you have control over other characters without permission.
3. b l1t3rit.
4. Keep your hands and feet inside the rp at all times, and do not feed the animals!


What does my character look like, now that they're dead?
That's up to you. Your character could look exactly as they did in life, or some remnants of the injury that did them in could remain. However, severe rotting/dismemberment is prohibited, as I'm sure you'd not like to go through the afterlife with your guts hanging out.

Is there reincarnation?
Yes. After a period of thirteen human months, your character will have the choice to become reincarnated or remain in the afterlife. After this period of time, your character can change their mind to be reincarnated. Babies and small children are almost always reincarnated, as they had no real chance to live before they crossed over.

Is there a Hell?
If your character is a bad person and fails to redeem themselves within the thirteen month period, they will become lost souls, losing all sense of themselves and cursed to wander the astral plane for eternity.

Does my character know what's going on in the mortal realm?
Yes! They all have mirrors that allow them to see what's going on with their loved ones. However, the only characters that can contact the mortal world are characters from Harry Potter (communication of this manner happens through wizard portraits) and characters that would canonically have a power that would allow them to do that.

Do shinigami exist?
No. Everyone rides the train, and so there is no use for shinigami. Your character can, however, be an angel or a demon, but this must be preapproved by the mod before it can be done. Do not expect everyone who asks to be one to be accepted.

Because I'm mean and I said so.


Taken Character List

Angel Sanctuary
Sakuya Kira [oriens_astrum] - Cause of Death: N/A.
Yue Katou [Journal Pending] - Cause of Death: Murder.

Elfen Lied
Mariko [the_dying_swan] - Cause of Death: Explosion due to explosive implant in her body.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Envy [Journal Pending] - Cause of Death: Freezing/Drowning.

Harry Potter
Cho Chang [chorly] - Cause of Death: Terrorist Attack. (Death Eaters)
Cedric Diggory [hufflepuffced] - Cause of Death: Murder.
James Potter [chasers_rule] - Cause of Death: Voldemort.
Sirius Black [sirius_is_great] - Cause of Death: Drapery.

Kim Possible
Ron Stoppable [booyah_x] - Cause of Death: Food Poisioning.

Naruto Uzumaki [ramen_foxboy] - Cause of Death: Poisoning.
Sasuke Uchiha [equal] - Cause of Death: Murder.

Star Wars
R2-D2 [beepboop_beep] - Cause of Death: Explosion.

Yu Yu Hakusho
Hiei [cold_fire_demon] - Cause of Death: Murder.
Kurama [kitsunenoyoukai] - Cause of Death: Murder.

Anzu Mazaki [deceaseddancer] - Cause of Death: Accidental Homicide.
Kisara [dragon_white] - Cause of Death: Murder.
Otogi Ryuuji [dicer_boi] - Cause of Death: Sacrifice.
Ryou Bakura [inyourshadow__x] - Cause of Death: Car Accident.
Yami no Bakura [spiritual_thief] - Cause of Death: N/A.
Yuugi Mutou and Yami no Yuugi [puzzlemasters] - Cause of Death: Head Trauma.

Apply for your Death Certificate.